It's that time of year again. Valentine's Day. First of all, I have a problem with all the candy now associated with every holiday. When I was a kid, candy was a big deal. If you got candy in your valentine, the kid that gave it to you was probably rich. If my family was feeling splurgy we'd get a bag of candy hearts to add to our valentine cards. I would painstakingly go through each heart, making sure that the right message went to the right person. Couldn't have that kid with the sweaty hands think I really meant "LET'S KISS". (here's a link to a photo tour of how they make conversation hearts at NECCO) The more I liked you, the more candy hearts you got. Now, my kids come home from school with as much candy as I used to get at Halloween. Don't get me started on the dark chocolate Dove hearts. If they are near me, I will eat them. How does enabling an addiction and helping your wife stay in her fat pants say I love you? 

When I was in high school I wrote this poem. It still makes me laugh.

Pinkalicious couples,
Mooning, Paper pictures and sugar sweet hearts,
My nausea,
I'd like to make an effigy
Of the cutest couple in the school,
And burn it in the halls
While I chant and dance
And throw pepto-hearts
In to the flames.
"I DO" and "KISS ME"
Go up in smoke,
Then float down to HELL!

I was slightly dramatic back in the day. Now I am totally level-headed about all things, you know, like most artists.
So I do Valentine's Day my way. I do enjoy expressing my love for those I care about. I hope saying I love you is prompted by more than a trip in to the pink and red hell that is Wal-mart in February. I hope that my hubby and kids hear it from me and more importantly, see it in my behavior every day. The best part about this kind of love is that is costs no money, is fat, calorie and sugar free, and it leaves the giver richer than they were before.

I do love a good, kitschy, vintage Valentine Card. And you probably know how I feel about chickens, so here's my Valentine offering this year. This painting is called Don't Be Chicken To Be My Valentine. It's done with watercolor and silver leaf, 9"X12". Hope you have a love filled, no fat pants Valentine's Day. 


The Chicken Chick