The latest community project I'm involved in is called The Pin Project.The Pin Project is a wonderful creative project that will raise awareness and funds for the Big Brother Big Sister organization in Southern Utah. Seven local artists are working with adult mentors and their youth (a “big” and a “little”) from the program, to create collaborative
bowling pin art piece. Local artists working on the collaborative pins include: Kirsten Beitler, Jeff Ham, Joyce Whalen, Carol Bold, Eva Pelton, Amanda Green and Skylar Hibbard. Artists will work with the “big” and “little” helping them come up with an idea and execute it. My group an I have met twice and have had a great time getting to know each other and coming up with an idea for our pin. We tried to chose a theme that related to something we all had in common, a love of reading mystery novels. I am now in the process of putting the final art piece together. I don't want to give it away, but here's a clue as to what images you'll see gracing our final art work. "We're really 'Keene' on each other and glad we 'Drew' us out as a match". Think you guessed it?

The Pin Project is not new to Utah. This program has been taking place over the past few years in the Northern Utah chapter of BBBS; however, this is the first year that we are seeing the project here in Southern Utah and also the first time program mentors and youth have been involved in the creative process. Why bowling pins? BBBS’ largest annual fundraiser is the March event "Bowl for Kids Sake" and the from that event the bowling pin seemed to be the most
natural artistic support. The BBBS program makes an amazing difference in the lives of many youth in our community by matching an adult mentor with an at ­risk youth. This project is another way to reach out and raise awareness for this wonderful program and allow many more people the opportunity to help make a difference.

Finished Pins of Art can be purchased to raise funds for the Big Brother Big Sister organization at the October Gallery Walk. Five times during 2013 Main Street will be flooded with art appreciators as galleries and businesses extend their hours to share art and bring life to the wonderful St. George downtown business district. The October gallery walk is always a popular one due to the Hunstman Senior Games in full swing and the Southern Utah beautiful fall
weather. The Pin Project and silent auction will take place on Friday October 11th from 6-­9:30 pm in a new gallery on Main Street, "Art and Soul Gallery and Gift" which is located inside Nathan Wotkyns’ Print­It. “Art and Soul Gallery and Gift” has partnered on the project and pins will be on exhibit for one night only. Approximately 30 completed pins will be available for silent bidding during the October 11th gallery walk. Final bidding will close and project pins will be awarded to the highest bidders at 9:30 pm so as to not compete with the already established 9 pm gallery walk drawing.
The project is being supported by the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, with funding from the State of Utah and the national Endowment for the Arts. It is a "Random Act of Art" under the direction of artist and Tuacahn High school teacher Aimee Bonham and Arts to Zion Studio Tour director Bobbi Wan-kier. 
Any person / artist wanting to give back to this great community organization can create a pin for the pin project. Pins can be picked up from the Big Brother Big Sister office by calling 435-­986-­9776 to schedule a pick up time. The Pin Project is a year round project that will culminate every fall during the gallery walk and silent auction.
For more information on how you can get involved with the Pin Project or BBBS program call the Big Brother Big
Sister Office at 435-­986­-9776.
I'll also be showing a new watercolor painting with the Dixie Watercolor Society that evening, so plan to make it a fun night by starting at the St. George Art Museum to pick up your punch pass, visit every gallery to get your card filled so you can enter the drawing for an original piece of art, come see my collaborative pin, and get a cupcake at 25Main!

The Chicken Chick