I used to be a writer. I kept a journal, I wrote poems, I filled notebooks with thoughts, dreams, and rants. And then I stopped. 

I think life just got to be a little bit too much. Things became too hard to write about, it took too much energy to translate the feeling into words, and I just stopped. 

Every so often I'll be sharing some bit of my life with a friend and they'll say, "Kirsten, you should write a book about that." I'm still not keeping a journal any more, and I often regret that. All the things that have happened, all the things you think you'll never forget, and then life sweeps onward and memories get fuzzy, or conveniently rearranged to fit more happily into the past. 

Anyway, I think this blog will help me start writing again. I'll write about art. The art of making art, the art of being a mom,the art of making a home,  the art of adoption, the art of moving forward from painful things, the art of working hard on relationships, the art of living. 

I do not claim to be a master. I am not a master of art, writing, being a good mom, a good wife, a good cook, I am a master of nothing.

So take what you will from any snippets I happen to share here. I hope you enjoy my fumbling attempts to document my brush with life.