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Hug A Chicken Day Painting

Posted by Kirsten Beitler on Sunday, November 3, 2013, In : A Brush With Life 
Well, apparently November 5th is Hug-A-Chicken Day. Do we really need a day for that? I hug my chickens every day. My ladies bring to so much to my life. They provide me with humor, relaxation, inspiration and food every day, so I hug them every day. 
I told myself I'd do a painting for Hug-A-Chicken Day and take shots of it's progress to share with the rest of my chicken loving friends. When I saw this photo of an internet friend's daughter, I wanted to paint it. With her permission, of cours...
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The Pin Project!

Posted by Kirsten Beitler on Monday, September 30, 2013, In : The Art of Painting 
The latest community project I'm involved in is called The Pin Project.The Pin Project is a wonderful creative project that will raise awareness and funds for the Big Brother Big Sister organization in Southern Utah. Seven local artists are working with adult mentors and their youth (a “big” and a “little”) from the program, to create collaborative
bowling pin art piece. Local artists working on the collaborative pins include: Kirsten Beitler, Jeff Ham, Joyce Whalen, Carol Bold, Eva Pe...

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Mother and Child

Posted by Kirsten Beitler on Monday, December 10, 2012, In : The Art of Painting 
With my love for Pre-Renaissance religious art feed by my recent trip to the LACMA and The Getty which both featured 100's of delicious icons, altar pieces, and illuminated manuscripts, you know that the inevitable result would be similar pieces. Of course, most of my pieces feature chickens. I'm not trying to be sacrilegious or anything. I just really like painting chickens. 

Here's my nod to the venerable subject matter of the Madonna and Child with a chicken lovers twist, "Mother and Child...

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Christmas Chickens

Posted by Kirsten Beitler on Monday, December 3, 2012, In : The Art of Painting 
Here's a little painting from the Celestial Chickens series to help get you in the Christmas mood!

"Three Candy Canes"  by Kirsten Beitler   watercolor and gold leaf   12"X12"     


The Chicken Chick

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Newest Chicken Painting

Posted by Kirsten Beitler on Tuesday, October 16, 2012, In : The Art of Painting 
Here's my latest Celestial Chicken. She's number six in the series. Isn't she a beauty?

 This is watercolor and silver leaf. 12 X 12"

The Chicken Chick

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Painting My Chicken

Posted by Kirsten Beitler on Wednesday, July 18, 2012, In : The Art of Painting 
I thought ya'll might like to see a bit of the "process" that goes in to my painting. Those are snarky air quotes because it's honestly nothing spectacular. I don't have a lot of great theory to back up my work, nor do I take it too seriously,maybe I'd be a better artist if I did. Who knows.
One of my hens died so I thought I'd add her to my Celestial Chickens series. The Celestial Chickens are just fun to paint. It's not a portrait of a person, so the stress of a true likeness is gone and chi...

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Christmas Chicken

Posted by Kirsten Beitler on Saturday, December 10, 2011, In : The Art of Painting 
Here's the latest from my celestial chickens series, Three Candy Canes.  Watercolor, acrylic, gold pigment and gold leaf on 150 lb cold press watercolor paper.         Merry Christmas!



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A Little Introduction...

Kirsten Beitler I am an, artist, teacher, florist, and single mom of four boys, not necessarily in that order depending on the day! This blog is about things that interest me and. things I can't keep my mouth shut about; art, relationships, friends, kids, teaching, adoption, chickens, divorce, therapy, life...
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