School is back in session. With all those new supplies, new classes, and new clothes comes exposure to new germs. As a mom, I don't want to leave my kids health totally in the hands of busy teachers. I can be proactive when it comes to protecting my family from unwanted germs. How do I do this? By using dōTERRA®'s protective blend, On Guard

     On Guard is dōTERRA®'s unique, proprietary blend formulated to support healthy immune function. Wild orange essential oil, combined with clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary offer a fragrant, natural and effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support. On Guard, with its unique aroma, is one of the most versatile blends. It is also safe to use on counter tops, as a non-toxic way to cleanse surfaces, or to purify the atmosphere by diffusing. On Guard is superb for eliminating and controlling pathogens due to the potency of its constituents. It can be used aromatically, topically, or dietarily.
      I use On Guard on the bottom of my kids feet every day. If they seem to be showing symptoms of illness, I also use it down their spine or have them take it orally, if they will. On Guard works especially well when it is infused into the air and since it has a lovely, fall/holiday like smell, it will make your house smell wonderful! I believe if we could get every teacher to diffuse On Guard in their classrooms, we would cut our health issues in half! That may never happen, but you can certainly start in your home. I use On Guard to clean the tables and markers in my art studio after classes, and to clean my kitchen counters. I find that it is an effective alternative to chemically based cleaners. And it smells great.
      As with all preventative measures, every day use of On Guard is more effective then trying to slather yourself or your child up when they are already "contaminated". This blend also comes in cleaning concentrate, a foaming hand wash, a toothpaste, and a protecting throat drop, which happens to be 10% off during the month of September 2012. It's a great time to try On Guard and be more proactive in protecting your family.