Here at The Drawing Room Studio when the kids get done with their assignment for the day they are allowed to do a free draw project. This is usually quite popular, but there are times (and those times usually revolve around high candy usage by the kids) that the students become distracted, loud, and lose focus. When I know times like these are approaching I try to have a variety of guided drawing activities available for the kids to chose from. This seems to refocus them and some of the kids really enjoy the self-guided aspect of the activities. I draw on great ideas from Pinterest to fill my guided activity folder. You can see some of the ideas I use and love on my Art Lessons Board here
One of the most popular activities is the roll-a-whatever game. Sometimes you can find good ones online and free to download. Sometimes I make my own. This year we did a Roll-A-Witch that I drew and the results were pretty amusing. You can see all of them here.
 If you do this activity, try to have extra copies available, since the kids will inevitably ask for one to take home, and guard your dice, since the kids will inevitably try to pocket them. Dice are apparently irresistible to kids.
Happy Halloween from The Drawing Room Studio and have fun Roll-A-Witching!