Kitty Hawk (assemblage version), 2018

Watercolor and paper

24” x 30”

This is a portrait of Nora. Nora is a spitfire of a girl whose personality reached out to me so strongly, that I could feel it over the internet. She stands boldly in her body and I felt it was appropriate to juxtapose her in front of the hill at Kitty Hawk, which holds deep personal meaning for me as a place of bravery and discovery.

It is also an homage to all the brave girls and women who must learn to fly in the context of a very patriarchal world that often holds them down. Surrounding her are paper airplanes made by my boys from church programs, divorce papers, and journal entries. These are things that have often weighed me down but I have re-purposed to use to fly.

Prints of this piece are available on my Fine Art America print site.