I hope you are all having a very merry Christmas! I just wanted to share my Christmas tree with you. There are no chickens on my Christmas tree, but it is really pretty and I've been collecting the ornaments on it since I was in high school. It is themed around the Nutcracker Ballet. This year my tree is 20 feet high, taking advantage of my ridiculous vaulted ceilings. Putting the lights on it was scary.



One of my favorite things about this tree came from a fantastic find. About 10 years ago at a thrift store in Cedar City, Utah I found two boxes of orange striped and polka dot vintage Shiny Brights. They were awesome and I was really excited. This is before Martha Stewart made this cool again, proving that, once again, that I am totally a trend setter. But here's the Festivus miracle! Last year at a different thrift shop in St. George, Utah I found FOUR MORE BOXES of the same ornaments in OTHER COLORS! Squeeeeee! They are glorious. It is completely worldly and makes me ridiculously happy. If my kids go near these ornaments the spirit of Christmas leaves our home very quickly.


Do you have one thing that makes you ridiculously happy at Christmas? Hope you have a lovely one! 

The Chicken Chick