Pondering Matthew 10:8 today.
Here's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking about being a small child and how, as a small child, you freely receive all that life has to offer to you. You take in the love and care that is directed towards you without thinking about it. It is there, you need it, you take it. It's not until you are a bit older that you begin to question those things. Do I deserve this gift? Does the person giving it want something in return that I don't want to give back? I'm thinking of all the gifts that are freely given to me by my Father and by my Savior. Am I willing to accept them? And once I accept them, how willing am I to share those gifts through my own actions? Has love really been accepted if we cannot let it flow through us freely to those around us without qualification? 
At this time of year in particular I like to think of what gifts I can give back to Jesus. Today I'm working on giving freely.