Pondering John 5:39 "search the scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal life." This is truth in my life. God speaks to me through the scriptures. The messages are customer tailored for every circumstance of my life. 

The fact that God can use the voice of people long gone to speak to my soul is a miracle to me. He can take things that in context mean something very obvious and make them pertain to my life as if they were written about and for me personally. 

This is the scripture from The Book of Mormon that spoke to my heart this week during my study time. 2 Nephi 8:3. He put my name in place of the word Zion. I am seeing this type of healing come into my life. I am seeing all my "waste places" become gardens. I am feeling joy and gladness again on a regular basis. I hold thanksgiving in my heart. I feel a melody in my soul.
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