I love dressing up. Maybe it's because I'm an introvert who wishes she was an extrovert, maybe it's because I'm an artist and love creating the costumes, maybe it's because my BFF was a drama freak who grew up to be a costume designer, who knows. Who knows?
  Making the costumes is probably my favorite part. It's gotten even more fun for me since I married a someone who is a straight-laced, by the numbers kind of guy all year round, but on Halloween if I say, "Your costume involves tights", he doesn't even bat an eye.
I really like hunting for parts. This usually involves many trips to thrift stores year round and lots of hoarding. I'm not much of a seamstress, but sewing for costumes if very forgiving and can involve hot glue and duct tape, so I'm good. I also have a sister-in-law and mom who love costumes, so between us, we have many parts and wigs and other cool stuff to create something awesome.
After a couple of years of being completely obsessed with painting chickens, and people with chickens, and women dressing like chickens, I thought I'd better make some bird inspired costumes. I had to use what I had laying around sans lack of cash for new parts, so this should show you the level of my hoarding skills. I also had feathers that I took from my dearly departed Beyonce' and black feathers left over from my chair for the "CHAIR"ity Auction last February. Here's what I came up with....

Rest assured that you will be seeing these costumes modeled in future paintings. I need to get a black and white chicken to match my dress (always a valid reason to add to the flock). 
 Here's a few other highlights of Halloween's past. Enjoy. 




 Notice that with the exception of the Retired Superhero's costume in which he just looks adorable, my hubby look extremely hot. Just another reason to like Halloween ;)