This is great and makes me smile since peppermint oil is the oil that convinced me that dōTERRA oils were worth the cost. I'd dabbled in oils a bit when my friend Kyndel got me to come to a dōTERRA  class. She generously gave me samples of her oils and I was loving them and almost ready to sign up when my hubby lost his job. Suddenly the cost of the oils was beyond my reach, but I was already hooked. Thinking I was so smart I went to the local health food store and purchased lemon, lavender and peppermint essential oils in the brand they had there which was cheaper but seemed legitimate. After all, it was a health food store. How different could they be, right? I mean, we all know those multi-level marketing companies are just out for your money, right?
Holy cow! I opened the peppermint and dumped some on my tongue thinking I knew what I was going to experience - a bang of pure, powerful freshness, an opening of the sinuses and calming of the tummy almost instantly - only to be very unpleasantly surprised. What I got was not fresh, I could taste the additives, some kind of carrier oil that had perhaps gone rancid, or maybe a synthetic added to stretch the oil. I could taste it. It was gross. My tummy did not feel good. My sinuses did not feel good. What a disappointment and what a waste of money.
Any how, now dōTERRA is offering the same experience to all you other doubters out there. What's the offer? Now through September 15, 2013 dōTERRA will send you a 15 mL bottle of  Peppermint with a certificate of analysis from an independent laboratory at no charge! Just email Kirsten at and I'll send you a form to fill outOnce you have filled out your information, mail any high quality peppermint essential oil from any other company and the form to:
dōTERRA Promotions
370 West Center Street
Orem, Utah 84057
dōTERRA will send you a detailed chemical analysis of your peppermint oil, and a free 15 ml dōTERRA peppermint oil so you can compare the difference and experience the quality of dōTERRA oils for yourself. 
Not a bad deal!