Most of my artwork is kind of personal, including lots of portraits and self-portraits so I've never thought much about doing prints. I can't imagine someone wanting a living room full of me's, or if there is such a person it's probably better that I NOT enable them. 
I have, however, received many requests for prints from the Celestial Chickens series. So if anyone is wanting a print, I've set it up with Fine Art America. You can go to their site, choose your image, choose your size and canvas/paper of choice (even note cards), you can even chose to have it matted or framed, and then they'll ship it right to your door. Easy peasy.
I've tried to price the prints as low as possible, so if someone is dying to have a Celestial Chicken in their house (and who's not?) they can afford to do so.
Enjoy filling your house with the power of Celestial Chickens.


The Chicken Chick