Well, it's 2014 and time for the annual Arts To Zion Studio Tour. Each year I am privileged to be included in a group of amazing artists who open their private home studio's to the public. Each year I am wishing I was not on the tour so I could be the one who could go snoop around in these artists' creative spaces. I am endlessly fascinated by what items people surround themselves with, what books are on their shelves, what materials they use, how they set up their space, and how their art fits into their daily life.

What will you get when you come to my studio? Well, I'll have a lot of my art out, which I don't usually do since it seems to intimidate my students. You'll get to see some wonderful work from my students as well, some of them may even be for sale, and if you chose to purchase one of their works, you very well may make an artist out of them as a first time sale to a non-family member is a great motivating factor to someone who is considering art as a career. You'll see all my knickknacks and collections, my art books and magazines, hear my kids screaming in the background, and maybe get a look at my chickens and the chicken palace that Jeremy is building me in the backyard. Maybe you'll want to buy a pack of Celestial Chickens note cards, and since I am my own boss and sell my own work, you may get a pretty good deal on a painting, especially if you bring cash. I will have works in progress if you want to watch me paint *gulp*, and I love to meet new people and learn about their lives. If I find you especially fascinating, I may ask to photograph you so I can paint you later. Sometimes I do that.

Arts To Zion will also be offering some pretty sweet prizes for those who fill out their punch cards by visiting the required amount of studios and I believe some special prizes will be available exclusively at the private studios.
So what are you waiting for?! You must have a ticket to get in the home studios so purchase yours here, take a look at the downloadable map and all the artists who are on the tour this year. Maybe you'll see something you'd like to make a bid on in the silent auction, and for sure you're going to meet some fascinating, talented individuals this Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend January 17-20th in stunning Southern Utah!

The Chicken Chick