If you're a "creative" of any sort, you know. People are always asking you to do things for them. Create something, sing something, sew something, paint something--for free.

Maybe people think that creating is such a bliss that I'd better be glad to do it any time for any one for any amount? How many surgeons get asked on a regular basis to perform a boob job, "just to be nice and help a girl out"? Probably not very many. Now I'm a pretty nice person, and I'm always glad to help friends out when I can, but creating art is my job. I actually have a degree in art. It's nice to be respected. Respect for work usually comes in monetary form in this crazy world.

That's not to say that I don't donate things. There are plenty of causes I can get behind. My next fun project will be creating an "art chair" for the "CHAIR"ity Event. The proceeds of this event go to benefit The Utah Foster Care Foundation. Jeremy and I were close to adopting through foster care, and though it turned out a little differently for us, I have a soft spot for all these things that touch on adoption. The Utah Foster Care Foundation serves Utah’s children in foster care by finding, educating and supporting families that are willing to care for children of all ages who are in need of a safe, loving home.  There are approximately 2600 children in foster care who need a family to care for them until they can return home or be placed in a permanent adoptive home.  2600 children! Right here in Utah! 

I might end up in a mental institution if I were to bring another child into our home right now, but I can totally make a cool chair! I'm thinking something with feathers. Big surprise there, right?

My students here in The Drawing Room Studio will also be making a chair. Their chair will be titled "Art Rocks!". I can't wait to see what they come up with! 

Maybe you should all start saving your money. Who needs to decorate their home with a bunch of matchy-matchy furniture when you can have an original art chair and help out foster kids in Utah? I'll be keeping you posted.